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Integrated Services

Leveling the Playing Field

The CIS® Model: Integrated Student Supports, is not about doing the work for students. It’s about ensuring all students have access to the community resources and tools needed to unlock their potential and thrive.


Providing a Caring Community Of Support

As they say, it takes a village to raise a child. We help ensure every child has access to a community that cares about their future.

Building Socio-Emotional Skills

Often times, children don't have the ability to gain the social skills necessary to be successful in life. Our program helps build them.

Re-engaging Students Who Are Falling Behind

In a world where it can be easy to slip through the cracks, we actively re-engage students and help give them the support they need to stay active in school.

How Does It Work?

Our site coordinators utilize a network of local services and supports to help students succeed. We provide everything from medical care to food, counseling, mental health services, tutoring, mentorship, and more. Our goal is simple: put students at the center and surround them with a caring community of support anchored by dedicated staff. Step by step, we’re setting children up for success that lasts a lifetime.